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Welcome to Birth Blessings

Supporting families through the birth process, with experienced, professional, trained, caring support.



I was a first time mother and was very nervous about the birthing process. My husband and I were looking
for a doula who could help us prepare mentally and physically for the birth of our daughter. Christine was such
a huge help to us and offered what nobody else could; an amazing massage at my house! No massage place
could properly massage me, they were all too scared! Once I told her I was interested in a natural birth, she
supported my decision, giving me great tips for preparing as well as insightful books. Christine was also very
helpful the night I went into labor. She was calm and empowered my husband to be supportive and helpful
without getting in his way. I would use Christine again in a heartbeat, we loved our experience!

Melissa E

About us

Birth Blessings

Since 2004, Birth Blessings - a  group of certified doulas - have been working side by side with new families. With gentle guidance, we will help you to make informed decisions  throughout the many stages of  labor, birth and parenthood.


Birth Blessings has supported well over 5000 families. We truly offer professional, experienced birth and postpartum support. Our team approach affords you the most comprehensive experience as we support you in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.


Our services include Childbirth Education Classes, Birth Labor Support, Postpartum Doula/Night Nanny Support, Lactation Support, Baby Sleep Training and additional concierge services.


Our belief is that since we offer the most intimate services, our team must have the heart of a doula - the heart to serve. Compassion, care and love is what motivates us and is our strength. We are proud to have a dynamic history of serving the birthing community in and around San Antonio, and look forward to building a future of continued Birth Blessings.

Josie Cawthon

Owner, CD, PPD, CBE

Josie became a Childbirth Educator in 1999 and a Certified Doula in 2000. She has birthed and breastfed seven children of her own and has been a part of the birth team for over 1500 births! Josie prides herself on her caring heart and her desire to serve. Throughout her career as a birth professional, Josie has acquired a wealth of knowledge that she has in turn taught to her team. Ensuring that every Birth Blessings team member is backed with over 20 years of knowledge, caring doula hearts, and the utmost professionalism.


Christine Gibson

Christina Gibson, BS, LMT, CD 

Managing Director for Cincinnati Surrounding locations

My journey to becoming a doula started after the birth of my fourth child, who was born at home before the midwife arrived. After having three very medical births, then experiencing a totally natural “unassisted birth”, my life was forever changed. I felt empowered and knew that this experience helped me become confident in my mothering as well. I went on to have three more children, born at home, with one being a home water birth. All seven of my own children have been successfully breastfed, cloth diapered and carried in a baby sling.

Being a former military wife and moving around a lot while my family was growing, I have learned first-hand the value of having helpful, nurturing support during pregnancy and especially those first few months after the baby is born. My goal is to ease the transition to motherhood. I seek to educate my clients in their variety of birth options and help them to feel confident in their newborn mothering skills. I am passionate about the value of supporting women in the pregnancy year. I encourage women to embrace the transforming power of motherhood. I believe that every birth is a sacred event and strive to provide non-judgmental care that honors the mother’s power of choice and her unique birth and postpartum experience.​ Certified Birth Doula (formerly ALACE, now ToLabor) in 2004 Assisted in over 100 births in various settings Trained as a Post-Partum Doula (DONA) Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007 Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist 

Advanced Certification in Doula Massage 

Infant Massage practitioner 

Provide breastfeeding coaching 

Labor education 

Assist the family learn to care for and bond with their newborn  

Quality postpartum care 

In-home personalized spa services for the mother-to-be 


Birth Blessings offers a wide range of services. Our team is equipped to provide childbirth education, birth doula support, postpartum doula support, lactation support, newborn education, sleep training, and more. 

Packages cater to each client's unique needs. Since our team members all vary in experience levels, prices vary by experience. For more information contact us for a free consultation.

Birth Doula Services

​The goal of our birth doulas is to provide educational, physical, and emotional support to families as they navigate through their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey. 

Every family has unique needs that we establish during a commitment-free initial consult. Once paired with the right doula for you, families will receive three prenatal visits, continuous labor and birth support, two postpartum visits, and continuing virtual support throughout the postpartum period. 

In addition to our wealth of knowledge, we partner with several local businesses to ensure all of our clients have every need met. 

Birth Doula packages range from $800.00 to $2800. 

We offer a military discount. Flexible payment plans and financing are available as well. 

Postpartum Doula Support

​A well-heard phrase among postpartum Doulas is, “Mothering the mother”. A postpartum doula has a wide range of capabilities but the main goal is to provide support and nourishment to the new mother as she embarks on her new journey into motherhood. This includes a vast amount of responsibilities such as helping her to process her birth experience, ensuring that she is bonding with the baby, supporting her physical and mental healing as well as providing practical support.

Our postpartum support packages include breastfeeding and bottle feeding support, newborn care, mother care, sleep support, light housekeeping, and much more.

Postpartum support packages vary by daytime or overnight support. 

Day time support $150.00 per shift.  (4 hours)

Overnight support $250.00 per shift. (8 hours)

We also offer monthly childbirth education classes. Please call to reserve a spot for this month!

Birth Blessings
Professional Doula Services


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