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Birth Blessings

Since 2004, Birth Blessings - a  group of certified doulas - have been working side by side with new families. With gentle guidance, we will help you to make informed decisions  throughout the many stages of  labor, birth and parenthood.


Birth Blessings has supported well over 5000 families. We truly offer professional, experienced birth and postpartum support. Our team approach affords you the most comprehensive experience as we support you in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.


Our services include Childbirth Education Classes, Birth Labor Support, Postpartum Doula/Night Nanny Support, Lactation Support, Baby Sleep Training and additional concierge services.


Our belief is that since we offer the most intimate services, our team must have the heart of a doula - the heart to serve. Compassion, care and love is what motivates us and is our strength. We are proud to have a dynamic history of serving the birthing community in and around San Antonio, and look forward to building a future of continued Birth Blessings.


Certified Doula (CD), Postpartum Doula (PPD), Childbirth Educator (CBE)

SA Birth Blessings, Owner

Josie Cawthon is a Childbirth Educator since 1999 and a Doula since 2000. She has birthed seven children and has been a part of the birth teams for over 1400 births. Always caring, well educated, extremely experienced, she is a doula's doula. Her heart to serve is always evident as well as her professionalism.


Certified Doula (CD)(DONA), Postpartum Doula (PPD), Certified Sleep Consultant

Nina has been with Birth Blessings since 2014, beginning as an administrative assistant. Her heart was naturally drawn to babies and children at an early age. At 13, she became a mother’s helper, continuing to babysitting and eventually became a full-time nanny. After graduating high school, she became even more involved with SA Birth Blessings.  Nina decided to take her next step confidently into the “Birthing World” after shadowing and witnessing the birth of that very first baby. She went on to take her DONA Doula certification course in 2015 and has completed her internship at SA Birth Blessings. Nina loves working as a birth and postpartum doula. She is known for making deep and loving relationships with the families she assists.

Josie Cawthon
Nina Hain
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